House for a House

Stage Set Design

‘House for a House’ is a theoretical project for the design of a house to house the past memory of a lost home, inspired by psychologist Carl Jung’s house in Zurich which was described as a ‘confession of faith in stone’.

Utilising stage set design and techniques of optical illusion, the project explores the psychological complexity of the house through artifice, illusion, memory and shifting scale. ‘House for a House’ exists as a series of fragments, ranging from models to 1:1 installations, each time with an illusion that explored the present perception of time and occupation of a fragment of the house, which alludes to the whole, while never revealing the overall tectonics of the enclosure.

International Armstrong Lino Challenge 2004
– Shortlisted

Drawing Futures – Speculations in Contemporary Drawing for Art and Architecture, pg 254-5 (2016)
AD Architectural Design (2006)

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