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Mobile Studio + Yesomi Umolu’s submission is a design for a self-appointing commissioning agency ‘ investigating how much architectural and spatial agency can be achieved for a hypothetical budget of £40 (a paradoxical take on the entry fee for the competition) and within 40mins of ideation time (like Corbusier’s Cabanon which was designed in 45mins).

Many thanks to the full list of participants as part of the agency listed below:

  • Eve Dent (Artist)
  • Ruth Silver (Architect)
  • Dr Victoria Watson (Architect / Academic)
  • Emilia Hadjikyriakou (Choreographer)
  • S.Mcalister + S.Mackie (Architectural Assistants)
  • Simon McAndrew (Various)
  • Thomas Kendall (Architectural Designer)
  • Rebecca Lane (Writer)
  • Crystal Bennes (Curator / Critic)
  • Adelais Parera (Architect)
  • Dr Ben Campkin (Writer / Historian / Academic)
  • Alex Sprogis (Architectural Assistant)
  • Laurence Kavanagh (Artist)
  • Helena Rivera (Architect)
  • Nick Westby (Fabricator / Designer)
  • Alexander Holloway (Architectural Assistant)
  • Tolu Onabolu (Researcher)

The Resourceful Architect Ideas Competition – Shortlisted

The Royal Society Arts and Architecture Foundation

Somi Umolu + M.Dewdney

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