Ways of World Making

Installation for Architecture Week 2007

A clever, minimalist re-work of Spence’s designs, also interesting in the light of the architect’s 100th birthday anniversary this year.

Ellie Stathaki, Wallpaper

‘Ways of World Making’ was the first exhibition collaborating work with artist Paul Richards. Timed to coincide with London Architecture Week, the exhibition consisted of paper structures by Mobile Studio, and a new sitcom film by Paul Richards and both works link with the social history of Hampstead whilst dealing with notions of ideal living.

The installation addressed the original masterplan in which the Swiss Cottage Library and Gallery (1968) are sited by the architect Sir Basil Spence. ‘Ways fo World Making’ took elements from a selection of Spence’s un-built projects, which were recreated using origami and computer aided design into fold out models. The models were presented within a fictional sales showroom, also created from recycled card (to test the limitations of model -making), which explored ideas of ideal living in an area now surrounded by large developments from Barrett Homes etc. The layout of the showrooms was taken from the floor plans of Spence’s, now demolished, Queen Elizabeth Towers from the notorious Gorbals area of Glasgow and objects ranged from the unrealized plans for a fountain for Baghdad Airport to industrial design for an un-built American diner.

Camden Arts + Tourism

Swiss Cottage Gallery

Piers Masterson

M.Butcher, M.Dewdney + P.Richards

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