Portable Gallery

UCL Museums



It does exactly what we wanted and creates an intimate and immersive environment, where people come in and immediately forget what’s going on outside.

Celine West, UCL Museums

Mobile Studio’s portable gallery was commissioned by UCL Museums (Learning & Access Department). The gallery is made of a series of demountable components which enables easy installation in a host of public realm venues for UCL Museum’s outreach programme. The gallery is designed to display one museum artefact at a time and can accommodate up to four visitors and a curator.

Portable Gallery is made of composite lightweight recycled paper honey-comb panels which are laminated with a tiled mirror finish on the internal surfaces. The mirror effect allows visitors to see all sides of the museum object in the reflection of the gallery walls. The object in turn is multiplied infinitely within the space. The gallery lighting is powered by a 3-pin plug into mains power and also has its own rechargeable battery for more remote locations.


Portable Gallery: Exploded components

It should not be forgotten that, although much interest was directed at the museum object, the design of the box caused a great stir. Outside, many people appreciated the eco-friendly composition and attractive design. Both visitors and passers-by were constantly asking who had created the box, whilst taking photographs both inside and out.

Facilitator’s feedback

Brilliant! Loved the immersive nature of the experience and the “flat pack” nature of the construction. The box instantly grabs the audience’s attention!

Visitor’s feedback

NLA New London Awards 2012 – Shortlisted

UCL Museums

Bloomsbury, London

Special thanks
Westby+Jones (fabricator)

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