UCLoo Festival 2013

University College London

Mobile Studio designs a temporary exhibition space in the lodge house gallery and a real working ecoLoo in the existing observatory within the UCL Quad on Gower Street. Mobile Studio also provided the graphic design for the festival and fund raising campaign.

The observatory is a small octagonal pavilion which has been further divided into two spaces – the public space for visitors and an attendant, and the private space for the working WC and mechanism room with cisterns and equipment. In order to retain the symmetrical illusion of the observatory the dividing wall has been clad with a mirror finish complete with a concealed washbasin, dryer, soap dispenser and a see-through mirror to reveal all the mechanism of the water-saving ecoLoo.

Exhibition in the lodge gallery are set against ‘bathroom tiled’ walls and plinths, which are actually made out of pre-painted routed MDF boards. ‘Naughtier’ images on the main display posters are concealed with water-sensitive paint which are revealed by spraying water (saved from the ecoLoo) from pumps provided.

*Please see festival description here.


Campaign Logo: Graphic design by Mobile Studio Architects

#DoYouKnowYourShit ?

Every person in the UK flushes 50 litres of drinking water down the toilet daily. As water shortages and drought become more common, water-based sanitation needs to change. We need an ecological alternative.

Tues 19th Nov is World Toilet Day and the first day of the UCLoo Festival. The festival is a multidisciplinary exhibition and series of events on the future of ecological sanitation. Head to the UCL Quadrangle for 2.30pm to see the Provost open (and ‘christen’) UCL’s first ever working ecological loo. Open to public.

The festival is co-hosted by UCL’s The Bartlett global faculty of the built environment (Barbara Penner + Tse-Hui Teh) and UCL Engineering Sciences (Sarah Bell), and is funded via SpaceHive.

UCL Communications + Culture Award for Public Event of the Year

UCL Bartlett School of Architecture
UCL Bartlett School of Planning
UCL Civil, Environmental + Geomatic Engineering

UCL Quad, London



Festival Banner: Graphic Design by Mobile Studio Architects

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