Modular Flat-Pack Plinth

Icon Magazine at Clerkenwell Design Week 2013

Mobile Studio was invited by Clerkenwell Design Week to design display plinths for Icon Magazine’s 10th anniversary competition launch.

The graphic design has been provided by Icon Magazine’s in-house Art Editor. The plinths are placed at prominent points around the festival in Clerkenwell. Each plinth will house an iconic chair. Visitors are asked to participate in a doodling competition and insert their sketches through a slot on the Perspex box for a chance to win the chair on display.

In keeping with Mobile Studio’s design ethos the base plinth has been designed like a ‘house of cards’. It is completely demountable for future reuse and requires minimal storage space due to its flat-pack design.

Modular Flat-Pack Plinth is a new addition to Mobile Studio’s family of modular systems offering reusable display plinths as a more sustainable approach to exhibition display.

MobileStudio_Modular_FlatPack_Plinth_Sustainable_Reuse_Clerkenwell_Design_Week_Public_Space_IconMagazine_Diagram 01

Modular Flat-Pack Plinth: Exploded components

Icon Magazine + Clerkenwell Design Week

Clerkenwell, London

Structural Engineer

Graphic Design
Icon Magazine In-House Art Editor

Material Sponsor
Medite ‘Tricoya’

MobileStudio_Modular_FlatPack_Plinth_Sustainable_Reuse_Clerkenwell_Design_Week_Public_Space_IconMagazine_Diagram 02

Modular Flat-Pack Plinth: Secure and space saving

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