Uppe Folly

KCL Arts and Humanities Festival 2014

Mobile Studio Architects designs a pop-up modular folly for KCL Arts + Humanities Festival 2014.

Uppe Folly is located in The Strand Quadrangle, a long and relatively narrow space confined by the tall façades of King’s College London and Somerset House. In response to the ‘Underground’ theme, Uppe Folly encourages visitors to simply stop and look up – something we often forget to do in a dense and busy city such as London.

Uppe Folly will provide an additional seating area to the existing coffee kiosk. Apart from being an anchor point for festival visitors, the folly will also attract members of the public from the main road into the Quad, which is in itself an underused thoroughfare connecting the Strand and River Thames.


Uppe Folly: Exploded modular components


Uppe Folly: Pre-fab modular kit-of-parts

Kings College London

The Strand Quad, London

Project Team
Structural Engineer: Price+Myers
Illustrator: George Heaven
Fabrication: Westby+Jones

David Tett, Jim Stephenson

The Architects’ Journal

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