‘Weird, Wacky & Wonderful’ Exhibition Design

Royal Academy of Arts

We look forward to working with you again!

Kate Goodwin, Royal Academy of Arts

Working closely with the curators at the Royal Academy of Arts, Mobile Studio Architects designed an exhibition ‘The Weird, the Wacky and the Wonderful’ for the Architecture Gallery.

The exhibition brings together an array of refreshing, entertaining, playful, and in some cases intentionally provocative, examples of ‘quirkitecture’, which challenge architectural norms and stimulate the imagination. Often on the edge of the arsenal of the architectural taste machine, they intrigue, speaking to our emotions and experiences.

The exhibition design uses an unexpected material – acoustic sound proofing foam. The effect provides a wonderful optical illusion to the walls and a naturally quiet space to enjoy the exhibits!

Mobile Studio has designed an exhibition for the Royal Academy in London with the title ‘The Weird, the Wacky and the Wonderful’, and it looks as if their exhibition design lives up to the name.

Ruth Slavid, critic + author

The Royal Academy of Arts, London

The Royal Academy of Arts, London – Architecture Space

Kate Goodwin + Jeremy Melvin

Curatorial Assistance
Amy Bluett


Special thanks
Owen Hopkins, Niten Patel and all those who kindly provided photographs

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