[Un]Representative House

Group exhibition curated by Mobile Studio

… thank you for all your amazing work, it was a pleasure to work with Mobile Studio. I hope we can do it again sometime. I think the show looks amazing…

Simon Gould, UCL Museums

The ‘[Un]Representative House’ project was the first in a series of events, focused upon the concept of the house, using it as a manifesto for the development of a new architectural language that questions contemporary strategies and seeks to explore a politics of the public and private realm.

The inaugural event consisted of an exhibition based upon temporary access to and occupation of 48 Gordon Square, Bloomsbury. The exhibition drew together architectural and fine art practitioners whose work made reference to both the material and the psychological boundaries of domestic and private space in unconventional and subversive ways.

UCL Museums

48 Gordon Square, London

Invited Artists/Architects
Charlie de Bono
Tom Finch
Luke Jones
Laurence Kavanagh
Lucy Leonard
Anna Mill
Ruth Silver
Daniel Swift Gibbs
Dr Victoria Watson


Special thanks
UCL Museums
Bartlett Architecture Research Fund
UCL Estates + Facilities Division (artists)

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