Florence Nightingale Museum

Gallery Fit-Out + Exhibition Design



As a curator, I seek to create innovative and genuinely engaging environments in which audiences can explore the objects, people and ideas that combine to form an exhibition. Mobile Studio has proven their ability to do this on several occasions, taking my back of an envelope drawings and, through our many enjoyable conversations, turning them into outstanding structures, on budget and on time.

Simon Gould, curator

Mobile Studio Architects were commissioned to design the gallery fit-out and exhibition display for Florence Nightingale Museum in South London.

The design consists of a series of modular showcases and open plinths that stack on top of one another to create a series of ‘spine columns’ linked through an intricate lighting network that acts as the ‘nervous system’ to provide ambient lighting for the objects within.

The showcases and plinths are interchangeable to create different height spines and multiple configurations for display, to suit any space. The system is a self-supporting structure which enables a dynamic viewing experience in which visitors can see all sides of the artefact on display.

The system has now been dismantled and will soon appear at the lobby of the Evelina’s Children Hospital lobby space.


DIY modular system for multiple configurations to suit different gallery spaces

Florence Nightingale Museum

Florence Nightingale Museum, London

Simon Gould + Rhiannon Armstrong


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